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Much of Polynesiaincluding the original settlers of HawaiiTahitiRapa Iti and Easter Islandwas settled by Marquesans, believed to have departed from the Marquesas as a result more frequently of overpopulation and drought-related food shortages, than because of the nearly constant warfare that eventually became a prominent feature of the islands' culture. Approximately four months of the year are occupied in building new houses and repairing old ones. Apparently it is his view that the new religion is right for the new generation but for himself, the last representative of the old-time Deuban priests, it is fitting only to pay quite homage to the old gods, until such time as he joins them in their contented retirement to drink the chiefly yaqona beneath the spreading, leafy boughs of the sacred ivi trees. Due apparently to missionary efforts inspired by the beliefs and conventions of the Victorian era, the universal dress is a high-waisted, ankle-length, cheap cotton or print frock. All the land belongs in common to the family-groups mataqalibut each family cultivates its own section. Boiled tapioca-root is pure white, with some long fibres, rather floury and with a taste even more like that of chestnut than is that of dalo. Adversely, it may be partly responsible for an occasionally noticeable lack of persistence in the face of adverse circumstances.

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The accompanying photograph shows the typical appearance of a Deuba bure or vale.

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Also see Category: If anyone enters a village for a stay of any length, his first act should be to present yaqona to the chief, a custom known as sevusevu. He is said to have died in two hours, his skin turning black and his eyes protruding. Most of them have one fairly-good-quality - 7 plain white, or occasionally black, sulu reserved for this or other special occasions. There is practically no envy of property, for everyone has so little, and there is little envy of prestige, as this is fixed largely by heredity.

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