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MLB Insider. I'd want to know what to tell the kids about the governor of California in repeat cycle on several cable network channels in the Terminator pictures, shooting everybodyfrom innocent housewives to an entire police precinct. Aerosmith opened this season with a couple of songs they first recorded 67 years ago. Will he find out that I know? The salacious scandals of athletes have become daily fodder for reporters and pundits. The noise can get deafening.

Those lines work in that venue, but would you use them on the air?

Karen Smith

CBS scored the hat trick: They look plush, but I'm sure if I tried to playfully fall into one of those logos, there would be some kind of painful injury. I'm sure a gaggle of corporate folks pulled him aside and gently reminded him that the good folks of the USA tend to get confused when the word naked isn't pronounced with the traditionally pedestrian long "a. Despite them being constantly together, Karen secretly thinks that Gretchen is annoying, and would much rather hang out with Regina instead of her. I am so sick of ESPN deciding that it is going to ignore the stories that demand exploration, while choosing to beat other stories to death. If I'm a 5-year-old, I know what's going to give me nightmares. One way to do it is to push or break the envelope on topics or language.


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