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Health Insurance


Health InsuranceI was reading some recent articles over at Blogging Away Debt when I ran across one entitled "Woo Hoo! We Officially Have Health Insurance." That got me thinking...how many people out there actually go without health insurance??

I'm lucky enough to have a job where my company offers a health insurance plan, and that's definitely the way to go. Some people, however, don't have that luxary. Either their employer doesn't offer a health insurance plan, or they are simply unemployed. For the unemployed, it's extremely difficult to afford. The cost is simply too high. For those that are employed, there's no reason not to have it.

If you honestly can't afford it, then so be it. But if you have even a little extra money laying around that could go towards health insurance, DO IT. You won't regret it. For one, it's worth it for the peace of mind that you'll get just by knowing that you are covered if something happens. An easy way to get into debt is to have to go to the ER and not be covered. Just to be admitted is some ridiculous amount of money.

I'll use my Father's great words of advice when it comes to insurance. He's always said, "It's expensive when you don't need it, but cheap when you do." If you've ever had the unfortunate luck to experience an ER visit or general hospital visit, then you know that's true.

I'd say earning minimum wage is a good reason not to have health insurance.

Terry, I think I covered that in my article. You'll noticed that I stated, "If you honestly can't afford it, then so be it" in my article.

I understand that it may be extremely hard and even impossible for someone who is earning minimum wage to have health insurance. I completely understand that.

I also know that there are always things that may prevent a person from obtaining health insurance. The reason I wrote this article was that I was astounded by the amount of people that don't have it.

I guess I just never really thought about it, because I was always lucky enough to have it. To think that there are people in the United States that are unable to afford health insurance is just ridiculous, but that's the reality.

Health insurance is so important. When a minimum wage worker gets injured and has to go to the ER without any insurance coverage, that's not good. They go into debt, while the people that are well off to begin with are covered and insured. Something's wrong with that picture.

Well, I think the number is something like nearly 40 million people are without health insurance. It's a national crisis and it's completely spun out of control. It will eventually lead to a meltdown of the whole system.


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