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What is a College Degree Worth?


There's a great article over at Free Money Finance that references Yahoo's article about a college degree. Yahoo.com states that a college degree is worth an extra $23,000 a year more than a high school diploma. That's an incredible gap!

I must say that there are some flaws in the article. I'm sure that a college degree from Yale is a lot more beneficial than a college degree from Anywhere University, but that isn't talked about in the article. It only says that on average, a college degree is worth $23,000 more than a high school diploma. I wish they went into a little more detail with that figure.

Now if that is the national average for a college graduate, then I'm not making nearly enough money. Coming right out of school as a graduate and making $23,000 more than a high school graduate is highly doubtful in my town. That may be the case in some cities across the country, but it's just not reasonable to think that would be the case in my town. I know the article says that it's the average, but I would imagine that there's a lot more people in towns than in cities that are making a lot less than that figure.

Overall, I feel that the article is misleading and not showing the entire picture. I wish they would've went into more detail with it. Either way, what are your thoughts on this?? Leave a comment.

Well this is definitely something that has to be evaluated on a case by case basis. There are some college grads out there making less than 40,000 or even less than 30,000. Compare that with a peon at a refinery who will earn a 50-60,000 base in a couple of years plus a potential for up to 80k. Also, a police officer out of high school in a major city can earn upwards of those figures. I cannot forget however, the grads who become six-figure execs and the person without a degree working for minimum wage at Wal-Mart. $23,000 sounds quite impressive but you're definitely right, a little background on the survey/statistics would be much more meaningful!

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