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How Much Do You Spend?


Game of SpendDo you keep track of how much you spend? If you don’t, you probably should. Not only does it allow you to see exactly what you buy, but it’s the first step to a budget. Once you figure out how much you actually spend in a given week or month, you can then take that one step further by generating a budget based on that amount and figuring out what you’d like to cut it back to.

I’ve never actually kept track of how much I typically spend in any given week. Sure, I keep track of all of my money, and I know what I do with it monthly, but sometimes I wonder how I spent so much or so little in a given month. For example, sometimes my monthly credit card bill is a lot higher or lower than previous months. I always go over my bill to make sure it’s correct, but sometimes find myself trying to figure out what I did differently that makes the bill higher or lower.

I decided to keep track of what I spent in one week’s time:

Monday: $16.84 – Groceries
Tuesday: $0.00
Wednesday: $0.00
Thursday: $12.00 – Haircut, $5.83 – Chinese Food
Friday: $14.82 – Dinner at Applebee’s, $14.00 - $0.00 – Movies (had free tickets!)
Saturday: $12.17 – Grocercies
Sunday: $9.26 – Groceries
Total: $70.92

Not bad for one week. At least I don’t think it is. Multiply that by 4 and you get 283.68 for 1 month. I think I can do that. I wonder why my credit card bill is always higher than that??

It's probably because over a months time there's other expenses that creep in. If you have a car you might have to get gas for it.

Other weeks you might not have free movie tickets (which alone would boost you to $64 a month). Perhaps some week you need new socks. Or maybe you run out of shampoo (unless this fits under Groceries).

Lastly there's utilities and things like that unless you don't pay for them by credit card. I choose to pay what I can to get the most reward points.

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