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Casino Royale


James Bond in Casino RoyaleFirst, let me say that this has NOTHING to do with getting rich. Now that we have that out of the way...I just saw the new James Bond movie. A lot of people are raving about this movie and saying things like, "This is the best Bond film in years." Go check out some of the reviews over at Rotten Tomatoes, and you'll know what I'm talking about. I was reading a lot of reviews before the movie actually came out and was extremely excited about seeing it opening night. I went in with nothing but excitement and came out very disappointed.

This movie was simply not good at all. I really like Daniel Craig as Bond, but where the heck is the music?!? Not once during an action scene did they play the classic Bond theme song. When Bond's chasing someone or being shot at by 27 different guys, none of which seem to be able to hit him, I want to hear that music!! I found this to be very surprising since David Arnold, the guy who did the music in Tomorrow Never Dies, performed the music. In my opinion, Tomorrow Never Dies is one of the best 007 films when it comes to the music. Extremely disappointing!

Now onto the opening sequence. The traditional opening sequence opens with Bond walking onto the screen, turning, and shooting. That’s gone. Some may say that it's still in there, but the movie does NOT open with that. A classic James Bond staple...gone. Absolutely horrible!

I definitely think that Craig has a future as Bond, and I look forward to seeing him in more movies, but they better do it right next time. I just can't understand how people are saying that this is the best 007 film so far. Yeah, it's okay, but nothing to get that excited over. I know that the writers and producers want to take Bond in a new direction, and that's fine. But to get rid of the music and opening sequence is just unheard of. That's what makes James Bond. I can look past the lack of gadgets and no Q or Moneypenny, but not the rest. Joel Siegel sums it up best. Go watch the video of him on Good Morning America. Again, I think Daniel Craig is going to be an excellent Bond. I just hope that it is executed differently in the next film. However, judging from the critics' reactions so far, I have a feeling that the producers are going to keep everything the same.

The way I heard it was that they didn't do the Bond music and everything because it was the "beginnings" of Bond. I agree that it wasn't all that great. I went with people who all loved it, and for a Bond movie, I think it was out of character. Craig could be good, but he doesn't fit into the same style as the other Bonds... too much of a meathead and not classy enough.

I understand the whole "beginning" of Bond. I can even see why they changed the beginning to reflect that. I mean, why have the traditional James Bond opening sequence when he wasn't actually 007 yet. I GUESS I can forgive that, but not the lack of Bond music. I go to those movies because I want to get that whole 007 experience. I agree that Craig isn't exactly suave or classy, but I do like him as James Bond. I definitely think that he has a future, but I hope that the producers and directors do it right next time.

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