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Carnival of Investing #49


401k elections for the balance of the year and 2007
Makingourway presents their 401k elections.


Cost Cutting
Jeff Burkey talks about increasing revenue and decreasing costs.


Verizon: Fiber is Fine, But Watch the Balance Sheet
Trent talks about Verizon's Fiber to the Home strategy


Online Banking Savings Account, a Wise Investment?
Jennifer Lynn ponders an online savings account


Five Keys to Investing Success, Key #2: Set Exciting Goals
FMF talks about setting goals for investing success


Investments That Aren’t – Just The Bad, and The Ugly
Steve Farber discusses bad investment choices. I especially agree with #1


My 2006 Year-End Stock Market Assessment
Super Saver's 2006 Year-End Stock Market Analysis

Money Smart Life :: Is Your Investment Portfolio a One Man Team?
Ben's investment portfolio analysis


Some Recent Transactions
Reinvesting dividends are discuessed by The Dividend Guy


Early retirees: Focus on taxable or tax-deferred?
Fin_Indie talks about taxes and retiring


What does it mean to be an Investor?
Frugal discusses what it means to be an Investor


Income Limits for Converting Traditional IRA Funds to a Roth IRA
Nickel talks about Income Limits for Converting Traditional IRA Funds to a Roth IRA


That's it for this edition of the Carnival of Investing. I hope you enjoyed it. If you would like to learn more or become a future host, visit CarnivalofInvesting.net.

Probably the best blending of Adsense into the blog I've ever seen. Thanks for the carnival.

No kidding... pretty unbelievable...
Thanks for including me in the carnival.


Thanks for hosting. Great presentation.

I'm also amazed at your work. You'll have to let us know if you got a big bump in click throughs!

Thanks for all of the compliments guys.

I'm sorry but I'm not a fan of your presentation, David.

The Carnival was set up to help spread personal financial knowledge to people who need and want it. Google ads like this only add to the din of voices trying to part unsuspecting people from their money. To me, you've perverted the intention somewhat by turning it into something purely designed to jack up your google adsense clicks by confusing them.

More power to you if it works (I suspect it will) but to me this isn't something that needs to be encouraged.

Just my $0.02

The blog posting is so nice & attractive.Thanks for sharing.

Well! nice post.I read & enjoyed.

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