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Smart Strip Power Strip


Smart Strip Power StripHave a high electric bill? How would you like to save a little money on that bill every month? That's what the Smart Strip Power Strip promises if you install it in your home. Lately, I've been reading a lot of reviews on various web sites about this device and everything that I've read seems like it may be worth it to at least give the device a chance.

This little device has been featured on TV many times and has gotten a lot of recognition from a lot of reputable sources. Since I'm all about finding ways to save money I think I'm going to give this product a chance. It costs about $30, but I figure if it does what it says it will more than pay for itself in a couple of months. Plus, I have a lot of electronic equipment that is "off" a lot of the time and doesn't get used. This thing says that it will turn the devices completely off so that the equipment doesn't draw any electricity. Sounds interesting. Does anyone have this device or have any thoughts on this thing. Please leave some comments if you do and let me know what you think. If I do decide to purchase it, I will definitely keep everyone updated on how it's working for me.

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