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Millionaires in the Making


I just wanted to add a quick update here and let everyone in on an article that I ran across today. The article talks about "Millionaires in the Making" that is a feature of money.com.

Money.com periodically updates the special with new people that have set themselves up to be future millionaires. However, there are some issues with "Millionaires in the Making" that are addressed at A Penny Saved...

Now, I'm not saying that the "Millionaires in the Making" articles aren't informative, because sometimes they have great articles, and I enjoy reading about those that they feature. I'm just saying that sometimes, in my opinion, they feature the "wrong" people. I feel that the article should highlight ordinary people instead of focusing on those that gross $100,000 or more. If I grossed $100,000 or more, I'd be a millionaire eventually as well. This is, of course, only my opinion, and like I said I do enjoy reading the articles. Sometimes, they write stories of how a so called ordinary person is setting themselves up to be a millionaire, but it just seems that lately they've been getting away from that. For more, go over and check out "Why I dislike Millionaires in the making."

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